Month: November 2014

#Random – I write down sayings

– When you believe in yourself in a profound way and to understand your own power …you stop thinking you can’t do something because you don’t see anyone else doing it , you just think well I’ll be the first one – Maxine Water from book SISTER POWER

Failure is an event not what you are – Joel Osteen

Delayed does not mean denied !- Pastor Brenda Timberlake

Both of these sayings were in my reflection journal and from time to time I write down sayings  that I believe can help me in the future. This has actually helped me during times that I needed encouragement !

Challenge yourself to write down sayings that help you feel encouraged!

Postaday Challenge !


3 Interviews in October…. 65 Bad Scenarios …. 3 Job offers in October

I had three interviews in early October , each was different in its own way. One was with a non-profit agency , the other was with a city department and the last was with another local city. I had thoughts of not getting any of the positions I applied for, I made up about ten different scenarios about why I would not get any offer. These scenarios included  you have no experience in this field , it was between you and another candidate and we went with the other candidate. All the time I spent dreaming up those scenarios …… WERE A WASTE OF TIME. Time  something I had too much of to make up so many scenarios about why would not get job offers. I can say that it was because I took a devastating blow with a position that I really wanted ,yet I have to admit to myself I would make scenarios regardless. My worries often handicap me from going ahead and doing what I need to do , I spend a lot of time with what ifs and those what ifs are always the worst possible options. Even though I did all that worrying I was given a call from three employers that gave me high marks !

LESSON OF THE DAY – Stop worrying it only stresses you more , what is meant to be will happen !