Ready, Set, Goals!: 5 Ways To Setting Effective Career Goals

Ready Set Goal

by Angel McNeil, Contributing Writer


Over the past few posts I’ve shared best practices to help you find and plan your next career move. Today we’ll focus on what happens when you get in the door.

We know that the hard work doesn’t stop once we’ve received a company email address and a box of business cards. We know in order to improve and grow within our companies and as professionals we have to set goals. But how many of us actually do it? Today we’ll talk about 5 ways to create goals for your career. Let’s go!

1. Create a Mission Statement

Yes, individuals can have mission statements too. Just as organizations and companies use mission statements to tell what they are and who they are about, you as a professional can create your own mission statement for the same reason. Creating your mission statement can help you hone…

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