Working with new client has helped me open my mind to new things !

The attached videos is me signing the days of the week with my impromptu teacher Mrs. Stanford !




I rarely see job boards that cater to the social work profession , this is a problem ! You wanna know why social workers (like myself) are always searching for positions . Yes, we can use indeed, idealist and the non-profit journal like anyone else however when we type in social work results may vary . From personal experience I get Social Media Manager , nothing against social media it is a wonderful tool (clearly) , yet it is time-consuming to go through 50 listing that have the keyword social to only have one LCSW description on the page. Problem Solved !! I have worked with a group of social work colleagues  to list  job posting specifically pertaining to social work (marco,clinical etc. ) Stay tuned Change Agent Job Board is coming soon !

#Random – I write down sayings

– When you believe in yourself in a profound way and to understand your own power …you stop thinking you can’t do something because you don’t see anyone else doing it , you just think well I’ll be the first one – Maxine Water from book SISTER POWER

Failure is an event not what you are – Joel Osteen

Delayed does not mean denied !- Pastor Brenda Timberlake

Both of these sayings were in my reflection journal and from time to time I write down sayings  that I believe can help me in the future. This has actually helped me during times that I needed encouragement !

Challenge yourself to write down sayings that help you feel encouraged!

Postaday Challenge !

3 Interviews in October…. 65 Bad Scenarios …. 3 Job offers in October

I had three interviews in early October , each was different in its own way. One was with a non-profit agency , the other was with a city department and the last was with another local city. I had thoughts of not getting any of the positions I applied for, I made up about ten different scenarios about why I would not get any offer. These scenarios included  you have no experience in this field , it was between you and another candidate and we went with the other candidate. All the time I spent dreaming up those scenarios …… WERE A WASTE OF TIME. Time  something I had too much of to make up so many scenarios about why would not get job offers. I can say that it was because I took a devastating blow with a position that I really wanted ,yet I have to admit to myself I would make scenarios regardless. My worries often handicap me from going ahead and doing what I need to do , I spend a lot of time with what ifs and those what ifs are always the worst possible options. Even though I did all that worrying I was given a call from three employers that gave me high marks !

LESSON OF THE DAY – Stop worrying it only stresses you more , what is meant to be will happen !

How to reply to rejection email

These past few months after graduate school have not been the easiest! After hundreds of applications and dozens of interviews I have not been able to secure a permanent position. However I have been able to learn from every rejection letter because I send a thank you letter to every rejection email I receive. Through completing this action I have been able to learn various tid bits about hiring processes at different companies. The article below goes into further detail … happy reading !

-Jam the Admin

How rejection can help in the hiring process

Ready, Set, Goals!: 5 Ways To Setting Effective Career Goals

Ready Set Goal

by Angel McNeil, Contributing Writer


Over the past few posts I’ve shared best practices to help you find and plan your next career move. Today we’ll focus on what happens when you get in the door.

We know that the hard work doesn’t stop once we’ve received a company email address and a box of business cards. We know in order to improve and grow within our companies and as professionals we have to set goals. But how many of us actually do it? Today we’ll talk about 5 ways to create goals for your career. Let’s go!

1. Create a Mission Statement

Yes, individuals can have mission statements too. Just as organizations and companies use mission statements to tell what they are and who they are about, you as a professional can create your own mission statement for the same reason. Creating your mission statement can help you hone…

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